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27th May 2011

Cheadle and Marple College


18th June 2011


St Ann's Summer Fair at St Ann's Hospice
   School Gigs coming up, update soon!!



We now have written 5 tracks for the album to go alongside, "Lonely Sky" and "Broken Wings". The new songs are a bit faster. It'll be interesting to see what you all think of them!!

24th May - We have been in the studio for the past couple of days. laying down some of the new tracks for the album. 

22nd May - Two great gig's over the weekend. The first in Whaley Bridge, where we had a crowd dancing like there was no tomorrow!!! This gig produced something new as well. We've been looking at getting a Bassist and Drummer, and as luck would have it, we happened to do an impromptu session with a couple of guys from another band. Ben started on the Keyboard playing, the I joined in with the guitar followed by the Bassist and finally the drummer. Ultimate mad jamming session..... Infront of a crowd!!!! Awesome!!!!

The second gig was on Saturday in a Park, and we felt like we were at a mini version of Live Aid, on a stage that was built purely for band performances.   

"HeartBeat" and "Runaway" are now done and ready to go. Can't wait to preview on Facebook and MySpace to get reaction from everyone!!

More and More radio interviews as we go. It's great. We've been interviewed On 7 BBC Channels now, and 34 local radio's. That's 34 local around the country, not local to us!!!






News and Upcoming Gigs
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